Thank you for your inquiry. I know that psychotherapy can be a daunting proposition, and that your trust in your practitioner is essential. I see myself as a soul healer and as an intimacy and sexuality facilitator.

Shift in Perspectives on Intimacy is an approach imbued with embodied presence and attentive listening into the interior of body, heart, mind and soul and relatedness.

Essentially, as your practitioner, I provide a sanctuary, a holding environment for your inquiry into the nature, organization, patterning and transformation of experience.

Together, in a collaborative therapeutic way, we work to refine awareness, to develop more accurate, truthful perception and to open up the ways we communicate with our inner and outer world.

We include physical, emotional, cognitive/mental, relational, environmental, systemic and subtle dimensions of being in an overall assessment, then direct ourselves towards that which nourishes individual development and a sense of relatedness.

My approach is integrative, alternately: pragmatic, analytical, somatic, cognitive and relational, depending on our assessment of who and where you are and on what your leading edge intention or goal is.

Pragmatically: what are the resources, skills and methods available to help you function at your best? As a social worker, i am trained to identify resources that are best -suited for your life situation. As a counselor and coach, I can focus with you on skill building such as mindfulness training, emotional self-regulation methods, non-defensive communication practices and body-mind techniques that strengthen and promote optimal brain functioning, overall health and wellness

Analytically: how are your psychological, behavioral and relational patterns an unfolding of archaeologically deeper patterns, instilled in our earlier years? How might insight into these underlying sources enlighten the present day possibilities? Depth psychology, therapeutic deconstruction and reconstruction work with archetypes, sub-personalities, disowned parts and troublesome defenses, supports living more conscious, integrated, meaningful lives.

Somatically: How does listening to body issues, signals and sensations create new options for personal development, emotional balance and vitality? Bringing mind and body together creates a sense of wholeness and balance in our lives. Clearing trauma and other sources of distress in the body helps your nervous system and brain to function more optimally. Movement awareness, attention to nutrients, exercise, sleep patterns and other physiological factors are brought into perspective for greater overall balance.

Cognitively: As your guide, my approach is to assist you in identifying the cognitive and emotionally embedded traps that create dis-ease and distress, and to clear those fixations. We listen to the stories you are telling yourself, to determine what is true and what is make-believe! We work to de-construct negative identifications, cleansing our perceptual mirrors from the “schmutz” of our conditioning, and then to re-construct identity on more conscious, benevolent foundations.

Relationally: Our therapeutic relationship is meant to provide an inter-subjective (person to person, I-Thou) corrective emotional experience, an environment that you can feel safe in, relax, inquire and deepen in your sense and expression of your true self. We focus on differentiation, that is, the ability to self-regulate, to recognize our own feelings, needs, wants and fears and to manage our own anxieties at the edges of the unknown. I work with an inter-subjectivity frame, that is, with our ability to notice and attend to how others are effected by us and how we are effected by others to deepen a sense of intimate relatedness. I look at intimacy and sexuality as existing on a spectrum, with sensuality, soulful contact and communications, and sexual communion being different levels and experiences that we can open to.

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  1. marti lee kennedy August 19, 2014 at 7:52 pm #

    Hi Michael, Welcome to the Ashby center and I would love to meet you and hear more about your work.I saw your website and it looks very interesting. I am in the office on Thursday and Saturday and will be out of town for the next week. Perhaps we can meet in September. Best Wishes, marti

  2. Jay Sordean September 8, 2014 at 5:30 pm #

    Hi Michael, It has been a while since we co-founded the Body-Mind-Wellness Institute in the Bay Area. Good to see that you are still doing the great work you were doing so many years ago. I am still in the same location and would love to get together for lunch or tea sometime soon.
    Best of Health, Dr. Jay

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