The Foundations of Holistic Intimacy

Trusting another in intimacy is the ultimate adventure! How do we create, co-create and re-create a safe, nourishing, open, trusting “holding environment” that allows for deep, meaningful connection, individuality, autonomy AND passionate erotic engagement? This seminar looks at the multi-dimensional aspects of intimate relatedness: physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic/intuitive. We explore various pathways to intimacy, from roots to higher consciousness. We offer inspirational and informative presentations, vital and vivid conversations, experiential exercises and pragmatic practices to deepen and expand your intimacy potential. Together we will dive into the depths of our intimacy urges, our security needs and our longings. With a deepening of intention, relaxation and grounded communication, we delve into the mysterious and primal differences between masculine and feminine polarities. By distinguishing the inter-play of intimacy and sexuality, we learn to set clearer intentions, boundaries and parameters in ways that deepen the container, strengthen the relational “holding environment” and enhances the possibilities for energetically ecstatic sexual chemistry.