Welcome to Shift in Perspective! 

Stuck? Bored? Anxious? Isolated? Lacking intimacy? Struggling with addiction? Experiencing unresolved resentments and conflicts? If you’re ready to courageously address and shift your dysfunctional patterns, contact me to see if we are a good fit.

Incorporating and building on over 30 years of Integrative Intimacy, Holistic Self-Development and Psychotherapeutic work, my purpose is providing presence, resources, guidance, insight and support to you on your journey to emotional balance, deepening authenticity and a more meaningful, fulfilling soulful life.

Here you will find tools, practices, blogposts, podcasts, videos, resources, links and other information to support your quest, explorations and self-realization.

I support you moving through personal and interpersonal challenges, both soulfully and pragmatically.  By cultivating creative, collaborative communication conversations we bring more effectiveness to our relational exchanges. Come to me if you want to bring greater skillfulness with you to the realms of love, intimacy, relationships, sexuality and living life with passionate purpose.

I am intuitive, holistic and integrative in my therapeutic approach, applying the method that best serves you, your needs and goals. I adapt to form interventions that are responsive to who you are and what you bring in. I work pragmatically, with somatic awareness and a depth psychological perspective, to help you emotionally balance, deepen insight and become more effective interpersonally.

My specialties include:

  • Somatic Mindfulness: Embodiment, Presence and Expression
  • “Mood Medicine”: Emotional Balance and Affect Regulation
  • “Cognitive Clarity”: Attitude Discernment and Perspective Shifting
  • Trauma Resolution: with EMDR
  • Intimacy & Relationships Coaching, Communication, Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Addiction Release, Behavioral and Holistic Lifestyle Change
  • Marital Discernment, Refinement, Resurrection and Re-Dedication: Assess and Redefine Marital Agreements and Build Greater Functionality into Your Marriage and Family System
  • Healing Shame & Opening Sexual Energy
  • Consciousness & Transformation, Soul-Work and Refining Spirituality
  • Virtual, online e-therapy

At your service,
Michael Gelbart, LCSW

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