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Our First Intimacy

“There is no perfect offering, just ring the bell that still can ring, there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”  Rumi We begin in the womb, the great holding environment of the mother. The womb of compassion. Being held in amniotic , hypnotic oneness, the prototype that imprints deeply in […]

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Israel Palestine and the Reconciliation of Polarization

There’s a joke: A “gaggle” of  elder Jewish women go to a restaurant, the waiter works hard to please them, hustles, keeps taking their orders, requests, and side orders, keeps listening to their complaints and gripes. Finally, he goes up to them and asks: “is anything alright?” I feel like that when approaching saying what […]

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Perspectives on Intimacy

Have been reading Esther Perel’s Mating in Captivity and am… captivated! Perel is exquisite and articulate in describing the erotic landscape, replete with intimacy, perils, dead ends and rejuvenation! Seeing the difference between the comfort, familiarity and security needs of an enduring, stable relationship and the exciting desires and distance mechanisms that stoke the fires […]

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Put your mind in your feet: centering in your physiology

“Put your mind in your feet, get your body in the beat” 5 Rhythms teacher and Urban Shaman Gabrielle Roth has taught this lesson to thousands. It is a grand introduction to the notion of “centering in your physiology (CIYP). Working with anxiety, tension, stress, as often as i do in my practice, I see […]

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